The Concept of Rehabilitation

We all have a specific part to play in our communities and in the ecosystems in which we exist. Do we know what our responsibility is? What it entails? Do we take our own, personal responsibility for the state of our world?

I’m interested to ask… when you hear the word ‘rehab’, what comes to mind?
How do we conceive this term?- Over the past decades the colloquial term “rehab” has been used in society to depict a place of ‘exile’  for people who suffer with addictions, a sanctuary that will nurse them back to sanity. I could share many examples of celebrities from the entertainment industry that have had this term associated to their name and image. However this time, I’d like to consider this term in its rightful context.

The definition of the term rehabilitation states, ‘putting something back in its rightful place’, an interesting definition that makes it applicable to each one of us personally. I believe that we are all in need of a ‘rehab’. We all need to be restored back in our rightful place in society to understand what our roles are in relation to our true moral obligations and duties. We live in a society that does very little to encourage personal introspection and reflection, a society where the concept of personal accountability is almost absent.

A society that promotes finger pointing towards others. The, ‘it’s not my fault’, syndrome, where we are always comfortable to blame ‘others’ for what is not going right. But the real question is- What are WE doing on a personal level? Are we really rising up to our moral obligations? Are we standing up for what is correct, for morality, for positive values? I believe it all begins there, with each individual and how he/she views their place in society; as part of its successes, as part of its adjustments, as part of its failures, but above all as part of its improvements and solutions. 

There is a very popular saying which states “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.” Where do we stand in relation to this saying? 

I believe that each human, from time to time, needs a consciousness rehab, a reality check which will generate a restoration of ourselves; a rehabilitation towards a better position to operate much needed changes in the right direction for our societies.

 Author’s Bio

YANN W. TANOÉ is an Author, Children’s Activist and Entrepreneur, founder of SunBird Enterprises, a social enterprise that brings together creative industries, social missions and associated businesses to empower its customers and students, with a lifestyle and increased life aspiration.

    Author: sunbirdjournal

    Author, Publisher, Activist

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