Memories of Such A World

‘Humanism vs Reality vs Politics’.           Are the real subjects, the disciplines taught at the human university of life.     The rhetorical hypothesis of our investigations: ‘Where are we headed?’ 

‘Liberté, egalité, fraternité’ My French state once proclaimed as a symbol of its blood earnt freedom. But today as I look around, I ask, where is the fraternity?

I see a lot of liberty to hurt and condemn
Indeed, but where is the equality? Who holds their another’s hand in equality, in heartfelt fraternity?

Who looks at lifeless children, victims of this triviality and sees their own?
Who sees beyond the frontiers of their comfort zone, the frontiers of their seemingly innocent ignorance?

It’s just another day for you and me in paradise a treacheous paradise in which we can very easily rotate fortunes
Where a life of privileges is never guaranteed. With karma forever omnipresent. Yesterday me, today him, tomorrow it could be you.

Human pain is felt by all,
When you step on my toes, I will react
When you cut me with a knife, I will bleed
When I catch a lost bullet, I will fall to the ground. When a bomb explodes…I will surely disintegrate. Every dead has someone to mourn him. No one fell from the sky.

We are 7 Billion and still counting…
A new blooming life only 7 seconds away.
All statistics, Numbers and digits
You see, numbers are cold, senseless,
It is words that give us warmth, a life and identity. Quantity over quality…
What is the real worth of your life?

We have no control over our destinies
Just the hope that a few prayers will sway good fortune in our favour.
We humans are nothing.
Just like all nature, destined to return to dust ‘Dust thou art and dust thou will remain’.
Take away the ego, the flash, the discourse, the stallions we ride…what is left?
Much ado about nothing.

Yet casting my memory back, I will always marvel at how we were, in this world I once knew.

‘What is the worth of life?’

is the unanswered rethoric
Which I simply leave.

While I gaze back over the memories of this world I knew. Memories of such a world.

Author: sunbirdjournal

Author, Publisher, Activist

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