This is My Black

This is my lyrical contribution to the ‘this is my black’ campaign celebrating the different meanings of blackness. Take care of your spirits #yourspiritsmatter initiative by #OlubodeShawnBrown


This is my black.

This skin that I proudly wear everyday, This skin that holds at its core my earthly identity, culture, ancestral language and beliefs.

My ancestors speak bold, loud and clear through the pigments of my skin.

They will not be ignored nor ever be silenced. For they live in me.

This is my black. Where are my people from? From the cradle of humanity, the land where the first stories were told, the land where legends first walked the earth, where the dust and dews rose from the earth and God first breathed freedom into our lungs.

This is my black, I pay hommage to my native black land, this giant cosmic tree from which my multicultural roots spread.

Reverently drawing from the never ending wealth of our fertile world.

This is my black, few years into the century, its time for us to redefine who we are, to leave the painful past behind –

To heal our minds – To wear our crowns in peace – kinks, curls frizz and all. To wear our noses and lips proud – Black is beautiful. Yes, we are this people.

This is my black, a new renaissance where we take the pen and scribe our own narratives. Gather our own stories to in turn pass them down, empower our children’s, children’s, children to come.

This is our black, after our time is said and done, this identity, we leave for our posterity as a legacy.

This is my Black -What more can I say? Still I rise, still we rise – With self love, will power and faith.

This is my black.
By Yann W. Tanoé

Author: sunbirdjournal

Author, Publisher, Activist

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