1st December 2018 | Johanesburg, South Africa

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Author and Activist, Yann Tanoé’s Vivid Reminder of a not-so-distant Collective Past

Reminiscence, Reflection, Remembrance.

Yann W. Tanoé, author, activist and entrepreneur, has successfully donned numerous hats over the years. What strikes us most about the multi-cultured Frenchman are the beautiful, tender, almost feminine thoughts radiating grace, power and wisdom, a collection of poems and thoughts that matured as the author moves from milestone to milestone coming into maturation much as a fine wine, and equally appreciated. Good Morning, Atlantic, is a masterful fusion of a past that coincides with our current society. His thoughts, emotions, and conclusions are voiced by Kai, a younger version of Tanoé, who comes into his own, realizing the meaning of life through conversations with Mother Earth. Tanoé’s brilliance is deceptively concealed in an era where immigrants, outsiders, and more are regarded with open hostility and suspicion. His words force us to face home truths we prefer to avoid, that underneath these layers we are indeed the same:

Do you understand my skin?

Where it comes from?

What it means?

What it represents?

The language it speaks?

Do you understand my skin?

Do you understand its struggles and challenges?

Kai’s path, inspired by the author’s youth reveals itself through different routes. Questions, answers, an internal to-and-fro between what was, what is and what may yet come to pass. An exhilarating adventure that enthralls and mystifies, yet we’re often humbled by simple musings and emotions that transcend every day life on the African continent. There’s a certain harsh beauty experienced by all who call this their homeland, Mother Africa. Tanoé’s novella opens our eyes to her bounties and people yet compels us to understand the circle of life and death, viewed by many as cruel and unyielding. What we finally come to realize is an acceptance of a past woven through our spirits and a future full of promise should we choose to embrace it – the Atlantic, cool and embracing, enabling us to start anew.

We are all from somewhere

We all mean something

To this somewhere

A coast, a land

Where a part of our roots remain.

“‘Good Morning, Atlantic’ is a chronicle, an emotionally enriching journey from beginning to end, written to bring about a reconnection with the inner self, identity and our place in the wider world.” Connie Johnson, literary reviewer.

The author’s activism is a heartfelt dedication to those who came before us, their struggles and legacies cloaks we wear with great pride should we have the chance. Tanoé’s outlook on life, experiences and forging one’s own destiny is reignited in “Good Morning, Atlantic”. Courage, heart, the will to embody the African spirit of “uBuntu – I am because we are” speaks volumes. His Educational project, OYOMIFAI’, an organization which promotes quality of education, was created in 2011. Since then, the program has crossed over into 4 countries and seen steady growth and much success. Find out more at Yann

Monica F. Jasper

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