From the Bottom Up Project

The I am Happy Project presents the organisation’s new project for next year. ‘From the Bottom Up’ – a project that will impact in central Ivory Coast and lobby with local Ivorian educational bodies to focus on struggling students by helping them build aspirations. The programme will revolve around the OYOMIFAI education programme and its 7 pillars. The project will take place in EPP2 public school where 62% of students are estimated to be under achieving.

Based on previous data from our pilot in Senegal, we anticipate that the our approach of rewarding the stuggling low achievers will increase lower the statistic from 62% of low achievers in the school to 20% in 2 years.

In many school settings in Africa, struggling students are left to fall by the wayside. Conditions such as Dyslexia, poor literacy , ADHD, Autism are rarely diagnosed nor acknowledged by the school system. Over crowding in classrooms and poor continuous teacher development training reinforces the low achievement of a large majority of students.

Many African school systems have a culture of only rewarding, focusing, and investing in the development of high achieving students. The ‘From The Bottom Up Project’ seeks to challenge that notion by introducing the OYOMIFAI provision for struggling students and at a more administrative level establish a culture shift in the way in which we invest in our under achievers.

About the I am Happy Project.

The I am happy project, is a Sunbird Educational Consultancy project that promotes quality of education, academic intervention, higher aspiration and mental wellness in children.

With over 8 years experience of running projects and piloting research about child wellbeing vs achievement, we have impacted in five countries in West Africa and South America.

As an activist concept, the I am Happy Project focusses on promoting quality of education which is defined by the UNICEF as education that promotes the achievement of the human potential and raises aspirations. It is a student led and student centered learning.

We lobby with ministeries of education in order to raise the profile of mental wellness education which is still quite young in its development in Western Africa.

The I am Happy Project is supported by the OYOMIFAI intervention educational programme, a programme written by Yann W. Tanoé and that promotes PSHE skills and increased academic support.

Meet Constant Angaman, Project Manager in Ivory Coast

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