Good Morning Atlantic – Review by Hannah Marie Edwards

Good Morning Atlantic takes you on a journey, a journey that has been shared by the author and experienced by many. The journey of uprooting your life and home and beginning again in a new land. The stages and experiences of such journeys are reflected in the composition of the book. Each stage of realisation and experience is recorded as a personal reflection, that is then met with the response of the author’s homing image, the Atlantic Ocean. Although a very personalised and individual account, there are still endless elements that the reader can identify with and relate to. Such questions as “Who am I? Is it influenced by where I am?” “Where is home to me?” “Could I leave and begin again somewhere else?” were some of my own reflections as I was reading. In the current political climate of anxiety, disruption and displacement of many lives, the book reflects other individual, human stories that are often lost amongst the clinical figures and statistics. The collection is an excellent and relevant read.

Hannah Marie Edwards

Book critic.

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Good Morning Atlantic